What is the Isolation Play?

A lot of hands pick up too much interest pre-flop, which means one thing; the chances of winning are significantly decreased.

Taking AA to the flop with four other runners leaves your actual chances of winning at about 30% (depending on the other hands), and this is not a situation you want to be in. Ideally, with aces you want to be getting it in against one or two other players where your chances of winning are in excess of 50% as this way you know that if you get your money in you are going to be winning more than half the time.

In certain situations – and this can apply to Online Casino too - value is pivotal for a hand. However, in the one mentioned above it is not quite the case so you want to isolate just one or maybe two players. An isolation play is as simple as re-raising an initial raise to push out players to go to see a flop with the original raiser only.

People make this play for a number of reasons. However, in the majority of cases (unless they have a monster) getting involved in a raised / re-raised pot is quite rare so you can almost guarantee that you’ll be going to the flop with only one other player, or taking down the hand pre-flop. People isolate others for one of two reasons; they think they have a better hand then the initial raiser, or they think they can outplay them.

Experts over at CasinoChoice.co.uk note how isolating a maniac is often the best way to ensure you get them in the position that you need them to take them down. On the other hand, isolating a short stack that has pushed all in can sometimes be a good move.

Of course, if you are going to make an isolation play, you need to be in a good position. Making an isolation play when you are acting early can be dangerous because your bet could be called or re-raised by another player.

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