Understanding variance

Any poker player who wants to be taken seriously needs to understand variance. It is OK for casual players not to understand this term, but if you are trying to become a grinder or make any money from the game at all you need to understand it. Here, we will take a brief look at this term.

Bad players blame luck. Good players recognise variance

You are not going to win every single time you play, and there will be points where you go on harsh downswings even if you never change the way you play. When you play poker if you go into every hand with a positive expectation, then you will walk out a winning player over time, even if you do get bad beat several times in quick succession.

Never think that you are owed anything when playing poker

You have just busted out of three tournaments back to back where your aces have been cracked, and you are steaming. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to feel like the tables owe you something. They don’t, and the sooner you realise that you lost because of variance the quicker you can move on.

Never get destroyed because of bad luck

Bankroll management and methods to calm yourself down should always be in place to ensure that you do not blow up. If you bust out of three tournaments back to back, then the reality is that because you should be in tournaments suited to your bankroll you would have not lost anything drastic.

There are too many potentially good players who lose their rag and go on a bender because of a few bad beats and this can ruin all their previous work. If you are one of these players, then you need to become tougher mentally or learn how to deal with the swings otherwise you stand little chance of doing anything productive in the long run.

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