Should I be playing suited connectors?

Some of the nicest looking hands are suited connectors. For some reason, if you look down and see connectors, your brain will often over value them because they look like a good hand. This does lead to many people playing them, but is there any justification in their move? Here, we explore this question in more detail.

What are suited connectors?

Suited connectors are two cards that are the same suit and consecutive. Furthermore, people often only call lower cards suited connectors. For instance, 78s would be considered suited connectors whereas AKs would just be referred to as AK suited.

Is there a right time to play them?

You have to be very careful with suited connector and here are a few rules you should follow meticulously:

1) Never call a pre-flop raise with them even against a loose player.

2) Never overvalue a draw if you do go to a flop.

3) Never get drawn in because they look like a good hand. Remember your chance of flopping a straight with connectors is about 1.3% and a flush is just over 0.84%. Your chance of hitting a draw is about 20%.

4) Never over value a draw, always keep in mind your odds.

In answer to the earlier question yes there is a right time to play them, but it is not very often. You can try to get involved with suited connectors in a volume pot where you are in a late position and there has been no raise.

If there has been three calls before you, and you are on the button you can assume if you call you will be going in with five or six players, unless there is a raise. In this instance, your pot odds are huge and the amount of potential action gives you good implied odds as well.


Remember, you should always follow those four simple rules with suited connectors in order to give yourself the best chance of winning with them.


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