Playing the nuts

The best feeling you can have when you are sitting at a poker table is when you are in a big pot with action, and you know you have the winning hand.

There are many people that say you cannot play the nuts incorrectly, but this saying is far from the truth. Here, we will explore playing the nuts correctly.

Slow playing is an art, and only the very experienced players should try it because getting caught out can cause you to go bust. However, if you have the nuts (with no potential to lose) this method is often the best way to approach it.

Look at it this way, the board hits 7-5-5, and you have pocket 7s and you are in the hand with four other players. Now even though you are not 100% to win the hand because somebody could have pocket 5s, you can assume that by the time this hand is over you will be taking the pot down, and any other outcome would be a freak.

In this situation, the only way you are going to get action if you put out a bet is if they player has a five or an over-pair to the board.

Now, the chances are if you bet here you will see a bunch of people throw their cards in, but checking (even if the other players check behind you) gives those players the chance to hit something else.

Say the turn is an ace, and two other players have an ace. Now, your original check makes you look like you are weak, and because that ace has helped others, your chance of action is increased.

Once again, it would be a good idea to check (assuming you are acting first) and to see what the action is behind you. In this instance and any other when you have the nuts you want to get the most chips from your opponents and trapping is often the best way to do it.

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