The art of multi tabling

Multi tabling online is pivotal if you want the chance to make any real money as a grinder. The reason why grinding is the best way to make money from playing poker is because you get to stake the right amount (according to bankroll management), but playing enough tables to make some good money.

Let’s get one thing clear, multi tabling is not easy, but you can learn. The best grinders play upward of 24 tables at a time in order to capitalise effectively. Here are some pointers to allow you to master multi tabling as quickly as possible:

  • Never play tables on two or more sites.
  • Make sure you learn to multi-table rather than diving in at the wrong end. First off, try playing five tables at a time, which should not be too hard, then increase to seven, ten and so on until you find the right amount.
  • Before moving onto your intended stake, try playing the lowest possible stake the site offers on 20+ tables to see how hard it is without risking too much.
  • Make sure you invest in a big monitor. Playing a lot of tables on a laptop screen is not simple. You should be looking at a 32-inch television at least.
  • Never vary your play when multi tabling. Have a plan and stick to it. If you find yourself struggling to play your game, then you are playing too many tables.
  • Try to start the table at slightly different times. If you start 16 tables within 20 minutes of one another, you will find that you could end up in a showdown on 10 of them. Playing 16 tables full of nine players is one thing, but playing 10 tables’ heads up is almost unmanageable.
  • Do not play different stakes when you multi table unless you are experienced.

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