How to steal the blinds

We have all been in a position when we do not have a strong hand, but we feel that putting a bet in could be enough to take down the pot.

Plus, even though at the start of a tournament or on a cash table it may not be worth it, in the latter stages of a tournament, successfully stealing the blinds could be the difference between the bubble and the final table.

However, stealing the blinds is one of the hardest moves to prefect in poker. Here, we will look at how to successfully steal the blinds.

In many ways, it depends on the type of players you have in front of you. You should only ever try on the button or the position for the button (at a real push). If you have a couple of loose-passive players in front of you, avoid steeling the blinds at all costs.

In any case, you should not vary your play from what you normally do when trying to steal the blinds. If you have A-K in the same position, and your normal move would be raising three times the blind, then raise that amount.

If you come in with a complete over-raise or just stick in double, you risk getting caught, especially if you have been playing for hours.

If you are making a move, and you are raised, give it up. Do not think you are committed, and that you have to go over the top.

If you are called, then play the hand as you would, some people in this situation may put out a continuation bet regardless if they hit the flop or not while others will check to fold, the decision really lies on who you are playing, the cards that hit the board and your chip stack.


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