Playing a pocket pair where there is no improvement on the flop

You look down to see a small pocket pair. You have gone to the flop and hit one of your two outs, and there is no flush or straight draw on the board and there is betting, that is one of the dream situations in poker.

However, 90% of the time your initial pair will not improve to a set on the flop, and in this situation, you are left with a few options. Here, we will explore what to do in more detail.

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What is a semi bluff?

We’ve all played against people that have bluffed got caught and then hit what seemed like an impossible hand. Before you decide to go loopy, make sure you check their play to see if they had any reason to be in the hand.

From time to time, what looks like a ridiculous bad beat may have either been a poor play by you or a semi bluff that hit.

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What is a hidden draw?

If you have played poker for a while, then you have probably fallen victim to a hidden draw without even realising it.

In poker, hidden draws can be the one thing that can catch out a player who is not paying attention, and this is why it is crucial for you to pay attention at all times. Here, we will explore the hidden draw in more detail.

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Playing the nuts

The best feeling you can have when you are sitting at a poker table is when you are in a big pot with action, and you know you have the winning hand.

There are many people that say you cannot play the nuts incorrectly, but this saying is far from the truth. Here, we will explore playing the nuts correctly.

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